Sergio Aiello grew with the artist Romano Campagnoli in Turin. The first solo exibhtion is of 1994: "Naked", Drawings and watercolors of the experience with Romano. The meeting with the master contemporary artist Alfredo Pirri is fundamental. From the 1997 he starts to paint the landscape using great surfaces: the cycle of the "Horizons", "Abstraction of Landscape ", the canvas"Latinamericane ", "Contemporary Visions" are the continuous and rigorous search - experimentation effective time to express his own personnel "visual point of view." Color and greys are explored continuosly: the use of materials such as the juta, enamels, the resins and rubbers lacquers places side by side to the practice of the painting to oil and fresco, "the Good Fresco", along the way of the continuous experimentation that underlines his own painting. 2011 starts with  the canvas of the series "Landscapes on white background", 2012 with the project "Crossing The Black". The "complementary landscapes", the Great Seascapes are followd by the last works of the series "Guardando il cielo" ( Looking at the sky ) and "Lo steccato" ( The Fence ). His works are present in public and private collections in Italy and abroad. He has competed  in national Prizes of Painting in Italy and to the foreign countries.
Angelo Mistrangelo, Anthonio Oberti, Aldo Spinardi, Irne Apleu, Guido Folco, Gianfranco Schialvino,Virgilio Patarini , Claudia Sensi have written about his art.
He lives and works in Pertusio, small village in the country in front of Piedmont Alps.

Main recent exibhitions and Awards

2007 - 1° Review Prize d ' Art "Cultura Arte e Pace" in Vidracco (TO)

2007 - 3° Prize to the Contest of Painting " Città di Donnas" (AO)

2008 - 2° Review Prize of painting in Bard (AO)

2008 - Exibhition "No border between Art and Literature" near Building Gradari in Pesaro

2008 - Exibhition to the review "La gazza ladra"in Genoa

2009 - Exibhition in "Saluzzo Arte 09 "

2009 - Exibhition to Art Expo New York 2009 with the gallery Museum of Americas

2009 - 1° Prize to the Contest of Painting " Citta di Donnas" (AO)

2010 - Solo "Landscape: vision and abstraction" to the Torre dei Signori of Aosta

2010 - Exibhition in "Saluzzo Arte 09 "Il linguaggio dell' Anima",

2010 - 2° Prize "Matteo Olivero"in Saluzzo

2010 - "Il Paese racconta, scelte sostenibili": a fresco for Vidracco (TO)

2010 - 2° Prize of Painting "Cesare Pavese" in Santo Stefano Belbo (CN).

2010 - "L' umano e il paesaggio" Solo to the Torre Ferranda in Pont C. TO).

2011 - 1° Prize to the II° Contest of Painting to Verres (AO)

2011 - "S-Now" Exibhition in the the event "Tre artisti per un miraggio" to Casa Marchini Ramello in S.Maurizio

2011 - "Passioe di Goffredo", iron mural installation in the Review "The Country Tells about..2011" in Vidracco (TO)

2011 - Prize to the Prize "Cesare Pavese "of Santo Stefano Belbo (CN)

2011 - Exibhition to the Biennal exhibition "Castello di Montaldo "(TO)

2012 - Solo "Crossing the Black " in Turin. (TO).

2012 - Solo "Crossing the Black" in Saluzzo Arte 2012 (CN)

2012 - Exibhition to the Matteo Olivero Prize 2012 in Saluzzo (CN)

2012 - Exibhition for the collective project "Il sacro e l' arte" in Kunsthaus Ivrea (TO)

2013 - Exibhition for the collective project "L'inquietudine del paesaggio" in Moncalieri (TO)

2014 - Exibhition during "Festival dei due Mondi " ,"Polvere di stelle" in Spoleto

2014 - Exibhition "Percorsi di Luce" in Torino.

2015 - “ Return ” Exibhition in Museo of Camo (CN)

2015 - “ Contemporanea ” , Exibhition in Spoleto with Galleria Umbria-Arte

2015 - “ Come quando fuori piove “ , Exibhition in Mouv art-space in Torino

2016 - ” Percorsi di Luce ” ,Exibhition in Palazzo Lomellini , Carmagnola

2016 - “ Costruzioni 2016 ” Exibhition in MACA in Camo ( CN ) a cura di Claudio Lorenzoni

2016- "Interno- Intorno" solo in the Complesso Monumentale di Santa Caterina in Finalborgo ( SV )

2017- "Volgo lo sguardo" solo in the Eco-museo del Freidano di Settimo ( TO )

2018- "Fragilità ed arte" Exibhition , Sacro Cuore , Ivrea

2018- MAT, outdoor museum in Torrazza Biellese

2019- "Metamorfo" solo in Galleria civica di arte contemporanea , Saint Vincent ( AO )