Ars facit liberum.. Ars pro vita

My painting treats about the Landscape. the Human Landscape, since the early experiences on the human body passing for the landscape it cross the real figuration to present it as internal Vision: this my mean search, the personal experiences togheter with the collective one become a pretext to express and to confirm the sacredness of the life, intern to the sacred universal context, with the whole intimate complexity and completeness. Completeness characterized by the continuous meeting-clash among what in us is passive, static, fear and closing and the dynamic forces, active, brillant and expansionist:
The great landscape, the horizon that changes, the thin line that divides sky and earth, almost a metaphor of the human being: his nature, his aspirations and his walk. A walk of joy and painful experiences, of attended and of rushes: the great dark color and the sweet lights, the contemplative atmosphere of a nocturne.......

It' s a continuous experimentation untied by artistic techniques or specific creative process of creation. ..about SO_CLOSE_SO_FAR.. is a project in progress for two years: the theme is a visual reflection on contemporary spatial and temporal dimensions, in the double meaning of parallel time and a more current, contemporary artistic spatial dimension. The space-canvas research is the evolution of Sergio Aiello's artistic research: it changes from making the infinite in front of us visual by means of a horizon endlessly towards the "doubling" of the perspective at the extremes of the space-canvas. It is a change of vision, of awareness that on the one hand gladdens our soul but not with certainty: between the two perspectives there is our life, that space of freedom where we seek the meaning of life, its infinity. The infinite that confirms our finiteness. Art comes to the rescue, it combs through which the "knot" of the infinite comes, it makes it perceptible to you, this is beautiful, it lifts our soul and then, then we act to untie this knot.