The Abstract Landscape, the research of Sergio Aiello. Enjoy.

The Passion is Fundamental,it is the conjunction ring between us and Essence.

About the Contemporary abstract landscape

Form (color) and substance (drawing)>

In my opinion the color - artistic gesture of the charcoal drawing is of an extraordinary effectiveness into a pictorial work or of a simple sketch to describe and the factor to artistically make powerful substance. A landscape hilly draft with charcoal and second painting that process that I define of following synthesis, all executed artistically in a context of moral rigor it honors the contemporary artist. And the form (of Art of course)? here they enter dance the Colors, the artistic equilibriums, the global harmony of the painted landscape and the sub-harmonies that sectorially contribute to the global harmonic structure. You can compare painted picture as an interconnected net: the relationships between the colors and the underlying drawn structure are artistic relationships that can result complex. And from here that the demand is eternal for the visual art to be able him to stop in time. Picasso said that if you set you in front of a human face you can abstract this way and synthesize to reach to the synthetic form of an egg, the most important thing is however stop itself before, a form of egg even though abstract or contemporary it is not a human head and therefore it doesn't describe of it completely the internal core.

It's the game / search of the synthesis.... to discover what remains of the day..

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